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Her professional approach to real estate
My family and I could not have asked for a better real estate agent than Liz Apuli. This was our first home-buying experience starting our new lives outside of the military and she made the experience a dream for us. We’re far from ignorant on the subject of real estate, but rather thought ourselves as fairly savvy on the subject, but quickly found that without the vast experience, professional network and market knowledge that Liz brought to the table (among a myriad of other important details), our experience could have been a nightmare. The first home that we loved and reached an accepted offer on (contigent upon inspection, appraisal, financing etc all at the advice of Liz), the home-inspection revealed several major issues needing repair. Living on the other side of the country during this process, we relied heavily on Liz’s vast network to put together the accurate quotes and pricing for the repairs and the total reached a sum of nearly $60,000 in repairs (yikes). The seller wouldn’t budge on the price so we walked away from that money pit. All things happen for a reason though, and after the disappointment of that process, the dream-home that we happily live in today was made possible through her professional approach to real estate. She was able to artfully craft a competitive offer and lock in an agreement for a phenomenal price. All told, we could not be happier with our experience with Liz and are happy to call her our first friend in the area. She has our full recommendation should anyone ask for a real estate professional.